Depending on your requirements in terms of content, focus, intensity and time constraints, we will provide you with a made-to-measure language course. Our professional teachers can visit you at home or at work, or you can use the classrooms at our language school.

We offer comprehensive solutions for language learning:

  • Drawing up a study plan based on your needs and objectives,
  • Timetable flexibility and affordability,
  • Teachers come to you to teach, or you can study in our own classrooms,
  • Tuition times are always subject to the requirements of the customer,
  • Regular monitoring and checking of the tuition – observations.

An individual language course offers the most effective method of tuition, since the difficulty of the materials studied is determined by the ability of the individual student. The lesson is conducted at the tempo and intensity appropriate for the particular student.

Our teachers have considerable experience with individual language courses. They are able to identify a student's strengths and weaknesses and adapt the lesson accordingly. A personal approach further ensures that the student learns the required language within a relatively short period.