Depending on your requirements in terms of content, focus, intensity and time constraints, we will provide you with a made-to-measure language course. Our professional teachers can visit you at home or at work, or you can use the classrooms at our language school.
We offer comprehensive solutions for language learning:

• Drawing up a study plan based on your needs and objectives,
• Timetable flexibility and affordability,
• Our teachers come to you to teach, or you can study in our own classrooms,
• Tuition times are always subject to the requirements of the customer,
• Regular monitoring and checking of the tuition – observations.

Currently we offer tuition in 17 different languages, including Czech for foreigners:

• We can prepare you for all state and international examinations,
• We adapt course content to meet your specific requirements,
We readily adapt the time and place, as well as the form and intensity of the tuition, to suit you,
• We are flexible – we can adapt to even the most time-constrained clients.

Course fees include more than just the tuition itself: on top comes a range of related activities such as initial and continuous testing, drawing up teaching plans, the selection and provision of teaching materials for students, access to the Aspena Language School intranet, monitoring meetings, etc.

Test your language skills. We are ready to provide you with all the language support you need to ensure a 100% result from this test.
We will send you the results of the test placement by email.

Contact us:; + 420 541 211 651