ISO 9001 - quality management system

The ISO standard sets out the activities an organization must realize and what resources (human, information, financial and infrastructural) it must provide in order to create a system which manages every aspect that contributes to the quality of its services.

The quality management system is subject to constant improvement in relation to the requirements of its customers and to the economic, political, technical, technological and other aspects of development within the company environment. It is adapted to all effective changes that originate within the company.

We demonstrated our conformity with the requirements of the ISO standard by obtaining a quality management certificate from the company DET NORSKE VERITAS in the spring of 2002. Adherence to the ISO standard is verified by regular internal audits and a periodic audit once a year. Each year, in accordance with the internally set out quality policy, we undertake to fulfil certain interim quality goals.

When setting out our objectives, we are primarily guided by:

  • Customer care
  • Reducing error rates and minimizing defective production and processes
  • Raising the competence levels and motivation of employees
  • Raising standards in the teacher selection process
  • Tightening the rules for testing and evaluating suppliers
  • Modernizing IT
  • Presentation of the company

Certificate ISO 9001